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The best selection of hotels, residences and inns for your holiday in Toscolano Maderno. Choose the most suitable option to enjoy an unforgettable holiday on the shores of Lake Garda.
Located in the heart of Riviera dei Limoni, the towns of Maderno and Toscolano form two distinct centres: one is industrial, the other is tourist, divided only by a small bridge over the Toscolano river. The towns became a part of the same municipality in 1928. Maderno was the capital of the Riviera starting from the ninth century and until 1337 it was the seat of the Magnifica Patria. Toscolano is perhaps one of the Lake Garda’s ancient towns: from the 14th century it became famous throughout Europe for its paper mills. Even today, the Valley delle Cartiere still bears witness of this ancient activity.

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